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We would love to hear your feedback!

What features do you wish it had? Where are you getting stuck? How do you wish it worked differently? What is the best part that we should not change? Email us at


The Input

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 8.11.19 PM.png
  • Add a Topic to help the AI know the angle you're going for within the reading.

  • Optional:

    • Copy and paste a reading that contains the content you would like to test or write your own.

    • Find a youtube video or upload a file to use as context

    • Add Learning Outcomes and/or Standards but only if you wish! The AI is really good at extracting LOs, so don't worry about filling them in unless you have some in mind.

    • Change the Language. Please reach out to us if you want to use a language not listed.

    • Change the Reading Level. If you want to give students access to the reading but you want to make sure the reading is accessible, you can change the lexile level.

  • Hit Generate and give it about a minute.


Learning Outcomes & Essential Questions.

  • The AI takes the text and pulls out a number of learning outcomes and creates essential questions to guide student learning.

  • The numbers next to the LO show the number of questions generated and the number of those questions that is currently "selected".

  • If you wanted a different set of LOs, try it again and add your own.

  • If you checked off the other question types, you can filter by them as well.

  • You can also see vocabulary that has been pulled out, along with short decriptions for each word or phrase.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 9.34.02 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 9.36.35 PM.png


Question Selection.

  • Your job is then to read through and select the questions you like. 

  • To add a question to your quiz, simply click the + button in the top left corner. 

  • To filter the question based on the Learning Outcome or question type, use the left panel.

  • You can edit the questions and answer simply by clicking on them.

  • To copy a question and edit that one, click on the duplicate icon below the plus.

  • To remove a question completely, click the trash icon.

  • To flag a question to help the AI learn, click on the flag

  • (Paid plan only) To edit the reading, click on the Edit icon in the top right.



Whether you are making an interactive classroom activity, sub plans, or a summative assessment, there are export options for everyone!


Click on each one for instructions.


  • Doc 

  • Or just print using the button in the top right corner!

Paid Features

Want to take your questions to the next level? 

Here are the features we offer for the paid plan. 

$7/month or $70/year.


Click through this step by step walkthrough for more details

Download and adjust this presentation here.

Email for a discount code
if you are presenting QuestionWell as part of a PD.

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