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My name is Maya Bialik.

I'm a PhD student in AI and Education, a former middle school science teacher, and the founder of QuestionWell. Since I started teaching, I've been dreaming about ways to decrease my workload while increasing the quality of my work. It's an idea that seemed out of reach until the recent leap forward in AI, and now seems inevitable.


My husband and I created this tool when he saw how long it took me to painstakingly write questions and input them into Canvas and Quizziz. He and I have been working on QuestionWell since February vacation 2023.


In the decade since my Ed.M. in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard, I have worked in education research, technology, experience design, professional development, and policy. You can read some of my writing here.

The vision for QuestionWell is big and expanding.
Please get in touch if you have any ideas or requests, or would like to collaborate.

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